If you have received the feasibility document from your Brand or Retailer, and you request support or you just have questions of the processes our Feasibility Team can gladly help you with the feasibility demand.

Normally the dye selection process includes two steps:

  • Checking if the color is feasible
  • Look for any specific requests listed in the document.

The color listed must be feasible in order to proceed and it must fit all specific requirements as well.

In case you have complications with the process, you can acquire support in dye selection / feasibility from natific. Once you requested this process our Remote Support Team will contact your to have a remote support session. 

Summary of the Feasibility Requests

Our Remote Support Service covers 4 hours of consultancy work. (Please find a summary table of the pricing details and conditions below). Once the session is finished, you we will send a brief summary.

  1. Request a Support Service Voucher
    • Create a ticket here or send us an e-mail (support@natific.com)
    • Please add the following details:
      • Your Company Name
      • Your Name
      • Your Official Email Address
  2. You will receive a PayPal Invoice*
    • Payment method can be changed to WIRE* (T/T payment) by request, please reply in this case
  3. Please pay the amount
  4. Check an appointment with Feasibility Support Team
  5. Once session finished, please check the summary

Name of service
Payment method
Support Service Voucher
PayPal and WIRE
$975 / 4h

*Terms of Service: 

  • Payment received upfront (prepayment)
  • Any transfer charges to be carried by sender
  • Vouchers are valid for 12 months from day of payment
  • Payment confirmation needed on natific side for validation
  • Click here for more details