CAP - Color Accreditation Program

This certification is unique; it does not embrace the traditional concept of "Pass" or "Fail" of any applicant - 

  • No company can fail CAP certification. 
  • CAP merges the best of two areas.
certification + consulting = consultification
  • See below explanations.


Duration of the on-site assessment - 2 days

Auditing engineers - 2 auditors

Validity of certification - 3 years (Click here for further details)

Validity of software license - 3 years for 1 retailer

Service content - free account, to-do list of recommended actions, software license

2 days by 2 engineers

CAP is a 2-day assessment of any companies' dyeing facility: 

  • The laboratory
  • The production 
  • The QM procedures 

All are examined by our Swiss dye house engineers. Based upon their findings they will issue a status Level regarding the Level of professionalism of current process set up and performance levels

More importantly these experts will develop a hand's on list of to-do actions for the dye house manager to improve current processes to reach Best Practice based on available equipment.

3 years with certification

If CAP is done first time, it is valid for 3 years including the license period of the software. CAP is acknowledged by several retailers / brands and you can benefit from an "1 certification fits several clients" approach.

Licence to improve

Companies will get a special software kit that allows online data tracking in Real-Time. This software generates meaningful statistics that are easy to understand. Please note that the way of working with current software Tools or iQC are not changed - your operators will still work the traditional way - only the way of how the data is managed has been changed and made more convenient for examination.

There is no need to become CAP certified several times a year, and you do not need to become CAP certified individually for each acknowledging retailer/brand.