Straightforward Benefits of CAP / reCAP

CAP Certification of any operation only follows one goal: make the production process faster, reduce the cost of production, eliminate waste - and allow verification that compliance is accomplished for the required specifications.

From the feedback natific has received over the past 7 years from the CAP community, the below points summarize the 3 most recognized benefits that Straight-to-Production privileges through CAP do allow:

  1. Reduce submission of Lab-Dips / Production samples by 70-80%
    By CAP and the software ColorWarehouse, CAP / reCAP accredited mills no longer submit physical swatches by costly couriers to Designers or Product Managers for visual approval. By having approved processes and SOPs through CAP certification, relevant mills upload the necessary data into the software with their approved equipment, and can ship the order if quality parameters are compliant. According to feedback from mills the mills could save USD 200.- for each individual color shade in both, lab-dip and production.

  2. Reduce number of Air-Freight Shipments
    Without CAP and ColorWarehouse many mills face the problem that re-shading and re-dyeing of production lots requires extra time to finalize production of orders in-time. Delivering fabric or garments by costly air-freight is extremely expensive, and reportedly many CAP mills were able to reduce the number of air freight shipments by an astonishing 70%. The average cost of CAP per year is approx. USD 5'000.- --- the cost of CAP certification compared to the cost of a single shipment by air has been regarded by CAP mills as being marginal.

  3. Speed-Up the Cycle Time from Design Idea to Bulk-Production
    Imagine you have no need to physically ship Lab-Dips or Production swatches to relevant Sourcing / Design Departments; and imagine that the dye-house manager can go straight-to-production from color idea (e.g. Pantone (r) without any alterations in the dyeing recipe - without compromising on quality parameters such as fastness requirements or EHS issues. This advantage may sound marginal, but in everyday production processes nearly all of the CAP clients were able to reduce the total production time by 4-5 weeks whilst enjoying extra savings on avoiding multiple re-dyeings or delay in production schedules.

All-in-all, the introduction and deployment of CAP and its related software tools has reportedly helped participating textile companies and retailers alike to minimize costs and lead-times in their relevant supply chain processes to a reasonable minimum.

The CAP concept empowers users to fully enjoy benefits of an efficient process set up and its validation through clever software packages. What's the value of having state-of-the-art equipment at your supply chain partners if responsible operators cannot handle it properly? CAP is today's answer to the sustainability issues that lay ahead of any global textile supply chain.

It's not about "Pass" or "Fail" for any certification, it's all about the empowerment of supply chain partners in both retail and industry alike to reach out to emerge as Best-in-Class. natific has the expertise and systems for validation.

CAP and reCAP certification is acknowledged by multiple brand and retail organisations. Currently the following do accept your CAP certification, or the annual renewal of CAP, the so-called reCAP. Your CAP or reCAP is valid for all, so you do not need to undertake individual certifications for each of the below listed companies:

Successful Evaluation

  • Target USA
  • Lands' End
  • Under Armour
  • Lululemon Athletica
  • Gymboree
  • Color Image / Bella Canvas

Pending Evaluation

  • adidas
  • Nike

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