Report a Bug

As natific is committed to provide a great user experience, the importance of the issue reporting process has became top priority. We do our best to make issue reporting on the most convenient way. Also, it is essential to have all the information listed on the report. Once we receive the bug report, our IT Team starts looking for a possible solution. The more information the team has, the better our support gets. 

Please follow our process to send us a bug report! 

Bug Reporting Process

  1. Bug found!
    • You have just experienced the issue

  2. Undertake
    • Please try to trigger the issue itself again to record the bug
    • If the bug can be recreated, it can be removed
    • If the issue is persistent, please proceed to next step

  3. Gather info
    • Record the issue with Windows Steps Recorder (details below)
    • Or please send a screenshot of the issue (only if Steps Recorder is unavailable)

  4. Send us a report

    • Reach out to us at

Steps Recorder by Windows

This is probably the most convenient and effective solution to record the bug or issue you just found. It will not only create screenshots of the different steps, but also record a detailed view where the user has clicked. It records what has been selected (for privacy questions please also visit the link to the official Microsoft User Guide).


  • Available in Windows 7 or newer version
  • Built in - no installation needed

How to use

Click on the link to find official user guide (multiple language support) -

We greatly appreciate your help!