! natific is retiring M3K, please follow this link for details about natific QcExpress.

Dear applicant, 

Before natific installs the M3K software at your PC that is connected to the Spectrophotometer, we need to better understand your current status of Computer equipment. We have also collected the most important requirements for a successful M3K installation.

Most important requirements:

  1. You need Administrator privilege in order to install natific M3K. If you are not sure you have that, please ask your IT department.
  2. natific M3K uses Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. If that is not present on the computer at the time of the installation, the installer will download and install the framework. (download size: cca. 50 Mb)
  3. If you use Datacolor Tools, please empty the Tools desktop. You should store the measurements there into the database or export them into a QTX for the time of the installation. This is required in order to install the client forms.
  4. Please note, that in case you use Datacolor Tools on multiple machine for the CAP retailer, we need to install the CAP form to every of those computers. natific M3K should be installed only on one.
  5. If you use X-rite IQC on multiple machines for the CAP retailer, we will need to install the eJob template and natific M3K on each computer.
  6. natific M3K needs access to the following servers:
HTTP ProtocolHTTPS Protocol
http://m3k.coloraccreditation.com https://m3k.coloraccreditation.com 





Step 1 - Preparation

Step 2- Payment

Step 3 - Installation

Step 4 - M3K ready to use!

Thank you very much!