"What, if ...

... We have replaced our current spectrophotometer with a new spectrophotometer? Do we need to buy a new M3K License? How do I get the spectro linked to the natific software?"

AnswerYou do not need to buy a new software license if you replace your current spectro. You simply contact our support team by writing an email through our Support Page and inform us about this. The IT team will contact you. We must point out that terms for this kind of service apply, and natific will issue an invoice via PayPal(r) for you to be paid by Company Credit Card or traditional invoice.

...We have 360+ security set on our IT system or PC? Can there be interference?"


    AnswerThis issue is addressed in a separate article - navigate 

    to: https://support.natific.com/a/solutions/articles/1000276303-for-users-of-360-security

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