Safety precautions for users of 360+ security

The 360+ security software scans the Windows services and eliminates the unknown services. natific M3K is also running as a service in the background and in some case, the service –which is responsible for uploading data- can been deleted by 360+.

If this happened, your M3K tray agent displays the following text when you hover the mouse: “natific_m3k is busy or not registered”

In this case you can try to re-register the service by hand, but that requires administrative privileges, so please ask your local IT Team’s help. The service can be registered with this command:

up to 1.0.19. :

sc create natific_m3k binPath= ”C:\Program Files\Natific\Natific M3K\NatificColorTransmitterService.exe”


from 1.0.20. :

sc create natific_m3k binPath= ”C:\Program Files\Natific\Natific M3K\NatificM3KService.exe” 

The path can vary on depending the location the application was installed to. After doing this you can start the service from the M3K tray agent.

Please note that 360+ can pop up immediately after you register the service and you have 30 seconds to allow the service permanently. Please select the correct option on the 360+ popup window.

The two programs can co-exists with minimal configuration. The 360+ security can be set-up to ignore or recognize the M3K service as safe and do not delete that. Please ask you IT department to apply this configuration.


During normal operation, M3K should not be changed and reconfigured, the background service starts up every time you turn on the computer and the tray agent starts every time you log on. It does its job in the background without your interaction required.“