natific AG employs senior engineers from the field of textile production, i.e. dyeing, finishing, laboratory management, spinning, weaving, printing, quality management. Our members of staff are thoroughly and frequently trained by Members of the Board of Examination of the Swiss federal School of Textiles.

What makes the difference?

natific AG surely conducts & issues certificates like any other recognized company, i.e. global test institutes and certification bodies. The advantage with the natific system is our deep know how and expertise of our engineers who have been working in the industry for several decades. We not only certify operators, processes and equipment - we most importantly train & coach relevant people to better manage their coloration processes. Moreover natific's smart accreditation portal brings about convenience in monitoring and managing administration with a cloud-based software service accessible to both mills and retailers alike.

Generic Certification programs - CAP and reCAP , reCAP Excellence -- CCP Color Certification Program and reCCP, reCCP Excellence

Acknowledged by multiple retailers and brands such as Target, Kohl's and Under Armour the CAP is a generic certification program that applies straight-forward benefits to both mills and retailers alike. Textile companies only need to be certified 1x, and the assessment is validated and accepted by ALL participating companies.  

Hosted Certification Programs

natific AG also conducts custom-made certifications & audit schemes on behalf of individual brands & retailers. The cost price for each program are individually settled and defined solely by the retailer / brand.