"What, if ...

...my certificate has expired? 

Answer: In case your current certificate has expired, please DO NOT register a completely new account. 

  1. Access your account at www.coloraccreditation.com 
  2. Select "new request" or simply access your already existing certification program 
  3. Update your equipment and operators if applicable 
  4. Click on "submit for review". 

If you require another version of the manual, please send us a separate mail and we'll forward a copy directly. 

...we want to register for any certification that requires Munsell HUE test. Will the operators need to pass the test before the on-site certification, or is this test done during the certification day?"

Answer: The Munsell Test is done during the certification day. We recommend that you may buy a kit for you to exercise with you operators, but it is not mandatory to have it done before.

...if I want to add an additional operator - how much does it cost?"

Answer: If you wish to have additional operators certified, please register them in your account (see manual) or contact us at support. There are costs associated per additonal colorist.