"What, if ...

... we are applying for first time? How do we proceed?" 

Answer: Please contact us via email and request a manual; you can also navigate to www.coloraccreditation.com and apply directly. Please read the manual carefully - you need to register all operators as well as all equipment for certification.  

...an accredited operator leaves my company?" 

Answer: Go to your account, select "MyAccreditations" and select the relevant programs - remove the name or names and add the new ones. Click "Submit for review". natific will contact you in order to schedule the next certification for your new operators. If you need a manual for using your account, please let us know and we will send you a new version by mail. 

...I have lost my password?" 

Answer: Go to ColorAccreditation Portal and under the username and password fields on left find the “I forgot my password” option. This function will help you reset your password. If you do not remember your username, please write an email to support@natific.com stating your company name. We will check if you request was valid and inform you about your username.

...the certificate for my equipment has expired - will I fail the certification? 

Answer: No, you will not fail the certification. Your status will be set to "Exception" until you provide documents from the technical service company that verify your equipment's compliance.

...the manager or the registered user of the account at coloraccreditation.com has left the company?" 

Answer: Please send us an email to support@natific.com stating your company name and the name of the person who left your company. We will check your request and contact you with possible options for this scenario.

...my company requires certification for several retailers/brands that natific works with?"  

Answer: Please go to your account, go to "My Accreditations". You have to apply for each individual certification program by clicking "New Accreditation Request" and enter all details in that specific area. By acquiring multiple certifications you can save on extensive travel costs as natific engineers will visit your company only once a year for all programs. 

... we would like to upload our own QTX or Standard to QcExpress?" 

Answer: You cannot import QTX files to QcExpress. Please measure your samples using QcExpress with the connected spectro. QcExpress was specially developed for our ASAP & ColorWarehouse systems. This helps to ensure that correct measuring procedures are observed: suppliers use a certified spectro to measure the batches 4 times, calibrate the spectro, use the correct Standard, and complete custom information for ColorWarehouse.