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Welcome to the ColorWarehouse homepage, which is the primary center of all sub-sections. This document will map out the different functions and their locations on the homepage. Included is a detailed overview of the specialized graphs, trend charts, CMC Plots, reporting tools and other useful functions used for analytics to improve color performance. In addition, you’ll find important and necessary details that allow you to fully take advantage of the powerful CWH functions. 

The following topics are NOT covered in this document:

  • Color Summary - link
  • ColorWarehouse Network - link
  • Compare Shades
  • WhiteWarehouse

Landing Page key:


1. Back

5. WhiteWarehouse

9. MeatBall View

13. Reports

17. Notifications

2. Home

6. Support Center

10. CWH Network

14. Color Summary

18. Search Samples

3. Change password

7. Performance View

11. Process Score

15. Last Seen Page


4. Logout

8. Change Brand

12. Compare Shades

16. New Samples



Introduction 3

Log in to ColorWarehouse

Resetting Password

Password Requirements


Global Performance View


Special Functions

Other Views – MeatBall UI

Summary of Samples with Metamerism

Mill Color Page

Master Standard Matching

CMC Plot Page

Useful functions


Edit Sample Content

Edit Batch Custom Page (Single Standard)

Editing custom fields of multiple standards on the Mill Color Page

Search Samples

Color Summary

ColorWarehouse Network (CWN)

Compare Shades

Process Score

Report: Color Performance by Master Standard

Report: Color Performance by Supplier

Report: Supplier Ranking

Useful indicators

Last Seen Page

New Samples


Create new notification

Edit notification

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Downloadable PDF:

User Guide - CWH Landing Page.pdf