What is the Portal?

The natific Portal is where you will register your company and users, manage account settings, and purchase natific products. It also acts as a Single Sign On (SSO) solution for natific software, meaning your login information for the Portal will also be your credentials for any of your natific software subscriptions.

How to access the Portal:

Open https://portal.natific.com/ in a web browser. Sign in with your existing natific credentials, or register for an account if you are a new client.

Portal user guides:

  • Quickstart Guide: Existing clients will learn how to log in and make purchases in the Portal.
  • Quickstart Video: A video walkthrough of how to navigate the portal.
  • Portal User Guide: A detailed guide including:
    • First time registration
    • Purchasing subscriptions
    • Registering for certifications
    • Payment options
    • Retailer specific setting