1. Click in the navigation on Your Company

2. Open Infrastructures

3. Click on New Infrastructure

4. Select the infrastructure you want to add

If you want to add color management-related equipment (infrastructure), e.g. spectrophotometer, you have to select Color

5. Indicate all required details

If you have selected for example Color > Spectrophotometer, the following details appear:

6. When inserted all details, scroll down and save the infrastructure


For color certification, you have to ensure that all equipment (infrastructure) is registered!


Conditioning Cabinet OR Conditioning Room

Spectrophotometer (only for digital assessment )

Profiling for Spectrophotometer (only for digital assessment)

QC Software (only for digital assessment)

Formulation Software (optional)

UV Calibration Standard

Color Vision Test (optional)

Color Communication (only for digital assessment)


7. All your Infrastructures are stored in Infrastructure > My Infrastructure

Info: We are going to implement more and more infrastructure

Info: Missing infrastructure areas and details could be sent to support@natific.com