Before you start, be sure that the team member you want to add is already registered at the natific portal.

If the user is already registered, scroll down to 1.

If the user was NOT yet added, please log in to:

Open Company details:

Click on Users

Click on Add user

Indicate the details of your team member

Click on Add user

Your team member will get a confirmation e-mail. When your team member accepted the confirmation, the team member then can log in via SSO to the existing company at bomler by natific.

If the user is already registered at the natific portal and you want to invite him with a personal note, you can do that directly via bomler by natific.

1. Click the Your Company icon in the navigation

2. Click on Connect with people to join this company (green box)

3. Indicate the team member's e-mail you want to invite in the field "Who do you want to invite? (E-Mail)" and click on "+" (green box). You can also add a personal note.

4. Click on Send Invitation

Expert: If you have a bunch of team members to add, you can import them by creating a .csv file and putting one email address per line.

Info: bomler by natific is free of charge for a maximum of 2 Team Members. If you want to upgrade bomler by natific, go to the natific portal. 

5. Your team member will get an info e-mail from bomler by natific that includes a login button. The team member then will register with the personal details and by selecting the existing company.