Within a Supply Chain Network, you are allowed to see public details of your suppliers. More important is the fact, that you need to be connected with them for building a Product Supply Chain. Transparency is key at Bomler and also very important when it comes to Supply Chain Act.

1. Click in the navigation on Compliance Portal

2. Go to Supplier Overview (already open)

3. Click on Invite a Supplier

4. The following form will appear:

5. Indicate the company/supplier you want to invite

6. When indicated the company/supplier, an additional field will show up

7. If you want to add an optional note you can type that in here:

8. Click on Send Invitation Request to invite your supplier

9. If the Supplier is not yet registered, you can send an invitation e-mail

Hint: Advise your suppliers to invite their suppliers for Supply Chain Transparency and Traceability.