Q&A (Question and Answer) compliance is important for several reasons, especially in regulated industries or when dealing with sensitive information.

1. Open the Compliance Portal

2. Open Q&A

3. Click on Create a Question

4. Indicate your Metric (Question)

5. Indicate your Metric ID

6. Indicate your Sort Order Number

7. Define Type of Answer

Typees of Answers

  • Yes/No
  • Text
  • Value From/To
  • Selectable
  • Multi-Selectable
  • Calendar

8. If you want to skip Questions, so you can click either on Add "Skip if Yes"-Metric ID or Add "Skip if Yes"-Metric ID


9. Define Type of Certification

Types of Certifications

  • Color
  • Eco
  • Social
  • Quality Management

10. Select an Assessment Area

11. Add individual Searchable tags

12. Define Requirement of Answer

Answer Requirement

  • leave empty
  • recommended
  • required
  • optional

13. Click on Create a new Question to add your question to the library