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This comprehensive user guide has been crafted to optimize your experience on our platform. After successful registration, follow the outlined steps to explore features, leverage functionalities, and maximize benefits. We are committed to providing a seamless and productive journey.


What are the first steps on the Bomler platform?

Overview and Description of Tasks

Add Team Members

Add Infrastructures

Add Certificates

Invite Suppliers



Overview and Description of Tasks


Add Team Members:

Establish your team within our platform to collaborate effectively and streamline communication. Invite project managers, designers, and more, assigning specific permissions for smooth coordination throughout your engagements.


Add Infrastructure:

Add your infrastructure details like a spectrophotometer, light cabinet, and more. This enables give you an overview and you can also share the details with your customers, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.


Add Certificates:

Manage specific certificates and compliance requirements within our platform.


Invite Suppliers:

Easily add and manage suppliers on our platform. Track your suppliers and manage your streamlining supply chain processes to add visibility and sustainability to your supply chain.

By completing these initial steps, you're setting a solid foundation. Our goal is to provide you with an efficient and user-friendly experience, so you can focus on your core business objectives while we support your technological needs.




T R A N S P A R E N C Y . S I M P L I F I E D .





How to add a Team Member?


Team Members


In this section, you will learn how to add Team Members (Users) to your company's bomler account.


Adding Team Members

natific and bomler by natific use a Single Sign On (SSO) Solution. Therefore, users must first create a natific account in order to log in to the bomler by natific platform 

Once the user has a natific account, they must be added to your company profile. 

If they are not, please follow the instructions linked here to register at portal.natific.com


First Steps


If the user is already registered at the natific portal, proceed to step 1.

If the user was NOT yet added, please log in to: https://portal.natific.com/




Open Company details:




Click on Users




Click on Add user



Indicate the details of your team member.




Click on Add user



Your team member will get a confirmation e-mail. When your team member accepts the confirmation, the team member then can log in via SSO to the existing company at bomler by natific.



If the user is already registered at the natific portal and you want to invite him with a personal note, you can do that directly via bomler by natific.



1. Click the Your Company icon in the navigation




2. Click on Connect with people to join this company (green box)




3. Indicate the team member's e-mail you want to invite in the field "Who do you want to invite? (E-Mail)" and click on "+" (green box). You can also add a personal note.



4. Click on Send Invitation



Expert: If you have a bunch of team members to add, you can import them by creating a .csv file and putting one email address per line.



Info: bomler by natific is free of charge for a maximum of 2 Team Members. If you want to upgrade bomler by natific, go to https://portal.natific.com/.



5. Your team member will get an info e-mail from bomler by natific that includes a login button. The team member then will register with the personal details and select the existing company.





How to add Infrastructure?




In this section, you will learn how to add Infrastructure (Equipment) to your company's bomler account.



Add Infrastructure


1. Click in the navigation on Your Company



2. Open Infrastructures



3. Click on New Infrastructure



4. Select the infrastructure you want to add


If you may want to add for example a spectrophotometer, you have to select Color

5. Indicate all required details


If you have selected for example Color > Spectrophotometer, the following details appear:




6. When indicated all details, scroll down, and save the infrastructure.



For color certification, you have to ensure that all equipment (infrastructure) is registered!


Conditioning Cabinet OR Conditioning Room

Spectrophotometer (only for digital assessment)

Profiling for Spectrophotometer (only for digital assessment)

QC Software (only for digital assessment)

Formulation Software (optional)

UV Calibration Standard

Color Vision Test (optional)

Color Communication (only for digital assessment)


7. All your Infrastructures are stored in Infrastructure > My Infrastructure



If you want to see your Supplier’s Infrastructure you have to invite your Supplier first via Compliance Portal > Supplier Overview > Invite Supplier. When they also have uploaded their Infrastructure, you will see the Infrastructure under My Supplier’s Infrastructure.



Info: We are going to implement more and more infrastructure


Info: Missing infrastructure areas and details could be sent to support@natific.com




How to add Certificates?




In this section, you will learn how to add Certificates to your company's bomler account.



Add Certificates


1. Click in the navigation on Compliance Portal



2. Open Certificates



3. Click on the green box on Add a new Certificate


4. Select your own company (Self)



5. Select the Certification State



6. Select the Certification Type



7. Indicate Certification Sub-Type


Select “Color” if your certification is color



8. Indicate the Due Date in the agenda



9. Add a Certification Image



10. Additional detail: Add a Certification Report



11. Additional detail: Indicate the Certifying Company 



How to invite my Suppliers?




In this section, you will learn how to invite your suppliers to your company's bomler account.



Invite your Suppliers


Within a Supply Chain Network, you are allowed to see public details of your suppliers. More important is the fact, that you need to relate to them for building a Product Supply Chain. Transparency is key at Bomler and very important when it comes to the Supply Chain Act.



1. Click in the navigation on Compliance Portal



2. Go to Supplier Overview (already open)



3. Click on Invite a Supplier



4. The following form will appear:




5. Indicate the company/supplier you want to invite



6. When indicated the company/supplier, an additional field will show up



7. If you want to add an optional note you can type that in here:



8. Click on Send Invitation Request to invite your supplier




9. If the Supplier is not yet registered, you can send an invitation e-mail





Hint: Advise your suppliers to invite their suppliers for Supply Chain Transparency and Traceability.





We would like to kindly inform you that for any guided installation support the official natific service terms are applicable.






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