After the Registration part at the natific portal, you can log in to bomler by natific.

1. Log in to bomler by natific

2. Click on Sign-in via natific

3. Use your SSO login for natific services

4. The following Welcome note will appear

5. Click on Ok! Let's start.

6. Next you have to indicate some personal details

Info: If the company was already created by a friend at your company, please click on Register for an existing Company and type in the company name that your colleague has indicated. 

Info: The first user of the company always becomes the record admin. This permission can be changed at any time if two or more users are registered for the company.

7. Indicate the details about your company

8. Click on Let's Start

9. The first page you will see is the Dashboard

10. Click on Your Company

11. Here you will find the following menu

12. Please fill in as many fields as possible.

Info: A complete profile looks more professional and more transparent!

12. Add your Equipment (Infrastructure)

For color certification, you have to ensure that all equipment (infrastructure) is registered!


Conditioning Cabinet OR Conditioning Room

Spectrophotometer (only for digital assessment)

Profiling for Spectrophotometer (only for digital assessment)

QC Software (only for digital assessment)

Formulation Software (optional)

UV Calibration Standard

Color Vision Test (optional)

Color Communication (only for digital assessment)


13. Add a company logo to your profile

14. Add a company picture to your profile

Info: Profiles that show all the details are more attractive to potential customers and also have a better reputation.

Info: Any feedback is highly welcome and can be sent to

Downloadable PDF: