Based on the special needs of many different natific users, our Support Team provides extra support. In order to provide the best experience for everyone, natific needs to charge a reasonable fee to have these services. 

Before requesting support, please take a note of the process and our suggestions below. Also, we have included pricing details on this summary table at the bottom of the page.

Payment Guide

  1. We can offer Credit Card payment (fast, reliable and safe)
  2. Service charges vary around 3-7 % extra, which will be added to the price
  3. Please see the late payment fee details in table below

Pricing Guide

Service Name
Payment in advance
Pricing (*USD)
Remote Session for installationIn case a Supplier requires an istallation or software update for QcExpress, the are liable to witheld the IT Support pricing
$85* / 15 minutes

IT Service
If the issue is IT related and the support is necessary by our IT Support Team. Payment right after service
$37.50* / 15 minutes
Late Payment Fee
The administration fee per invoice. Demand note has to be paid within 14 days net*
14% of invoiced sum + $150* / invoice
Documentation Fee
Any additional extra document (NOT including regular Invoice & Service Contract) for administration reasons paid via PayPal. Pricing may change based on requested document
$50* / document
Feasibility Support Service Voucher
Fulfill feasibility demand by natific Team. More details on Feasibility for Textile mills (click here).Yes
$975* / 4h

*natific AG claims the right to consider selling overdue invoices to Third Party Factoring Partners without any obligation and liability remaining at natific AG.

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.