Creating a product supply chain offers numerous advantages for manufacturing, distribution, and retail businesses. A well-structured and efficient supply chain can significantly impact a company's operations and success.

1. Click in the navigation on nSITE

2. Click on the specific product/business activity"

e.g. For illustration

3. Click on Add a Sub-Product

INFO: You can only add products and business activities of suppliers you have added to your supplier network

4. The following form will appear:

4. Type in the company you want to connect your product/business activity

5. Type in the product of your supplier you want to add to your product/business activity

INFO: Only public products are visible and selectable

6. Click Add to my Supply Chain

7. Your supplier has to approve the connection

Hint: Every product/business activity you add directly to your supply chain is also your direct supplier. If that is not correct you have to inform your supplier to invite his/her supplier. Tier 1 invites products and business activities of Tier 2, etc.